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TULISAN DARI FUDZAIL BLOG – Pas still needs Sister in Islam


Sekadar renungan. Mungkin ada kebenarannya yang perlu dilihat dan difikirkan dalam perspektif yang lebih meluas.

“Pas still needs Sister in Islam – Fudzail, http://1426.blogspot.com/2009/06/pas-still-needs-sisters-in-islam.html

I have been trying to refrain from commenting on PAS’s recent 55th muktamar that ended today. Please note that I am not a PAS member (yet) but been voting PAS since I was eligible to vote in elections. Proud to admit that as well.

Notably, PAS members are more influenced by ideology and philosophy than personality, unlike in UMNO whereby the leaders (however corrupt or weak or hopeless) are always right and once the leaders are no longer in power, they can immediately become the enemies or ignored for not being able to dish out projects and funds.

It is a fact that in PAS, what you see and hear is what you get. There is little pretence about this party. Something that we can never see and feel in UMNO with those superficial struggles.

This time, my favourite candidate has lost for the no.2 seat. That’s democracy and PAS members know much better than me to choose the right leaders for the right positions. They have casted their votes wisely and Ustaz Nasha has won even though received less than 50% of total votes.

It is not unexpected about the call to ban Sisters-In-Islam (SIS). It is actually within the democracy space as well. PAS is correct to get the National Fatwa Council to investigate in full the NGO’s activities before declaring it as haram (forbidden), only if its activities are found to be contrary to the Islamic teachings and principles.

The Shah Alam division in its motion said the SIS’ activities were dangerous as they could cause confusion among the Muslims as SIS’s approach was allegedly easily be accepted by the Muslims. The division claimed that this was dangerous as it could twist their aqidah, especially the young and those who went through the secular education.

The motion also urged the Fatwa Council to introduce special programmes to rehabilitate members of the organisation so that they could come back to the right religous track.

SIS says in return that the PAS resolution shows its intolerance for diverse opinions and views and portrays a totalitarian mindset that brooks no dissent, different views, debate, or dialogue. It contravenes the guarantee of rights to freedom of expression under the Malaysian Federal Constitution

For this matter, I’d say, like its nemesis, UMNO, PAS needs SIS to reflect the realities in the modern world and shall have the right approaches and strategies to tackle such challenges in multi-racial and plural society. PAS members shall be more prepared to deal with this SIS-kind of groups’ onslaughts and not only dwell on trivial matters like journalists not wearing scarves during the muktamar.

PAS members need to work harder to convince the masses that SIS is not real Islam, deviationist etc through civilised dialogues and lots of hard facts. SIS may have its strengths in terms of funds and access to the media, however, its members are humans as well. They need to be faced with equal intellectual capacities, otherwise, they will be more defensive.

As Nik Aziz said in 2007, Islamic missionaries and those propagating its teachings must not impose their religious beliefs on others.


“Islam must be embraced voluntarily and sincerely, especially among converts who come to the religion because of sheer belief or those who adopt the faith because of marriage.”

“We cannot force people to enter Heaven. They must do it on their own will.

“We can guide them but we cannot force.”

He said that, similarly, all political parties could not impose their ideologies on the people.

Nik Aziz said politicians must be ashamed if they impose their will and ideologies on the weak.

“It is not intellectual or rational to impose a value system of politics. Islam does not do it, so why must they?

“There is no capital to gain when Judgment Day befalls them in their spiritual life.”

salam perjuangan

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