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Kalaulah ini betul berlaku di Perak….


Di bawah adalah satu tulisan yang menarik mengenai politik huru hara di Perak yang dipetik dari http://www.malaysiawaves.com/2009/04/umnos-next-move-in-perak.html.

Kalau ini betul, tak tau la macam nak kita terima “good governance” daripada kerajaan BN yang memerintah Perak hari ini. Nampak “desperate” dan kemaruk sangat dengan kuasa. Macam kuasa pemerintahan sahaja dapat menjamin kebahagian di dunia tanpa melihat yang hidup di dunia ini, PASTI AKAN MATI JUA AKHIRNYA….. 

Kita berdoa agar perkara ini tidak berlaku kerana ini akan menunjukkan kerajaan BN tidak menghormati tahap keintelektualan pengundi. Ingat pengundi muda semakin banyak dan semakin celik dan jelik dengan segala kebobrokan dalam setiap kerajaan. Mereka ini akan menjadi hakim dalam PRU13 dalam memilih “kerajaan dari rakyat untuk rakyat”.

UMNO’s Next Move In Perak

UMNO is trying to get rid of the Perak Speaker. That will be their next move. They plan to do it with the help of the Perak’s State Assembly secretary.

They will conveane a meeting without the current lawful speaker. My source tells me that they plan to install the “DAP-Turncoat” as Speaker of the house. She has long complained not getting a Toyota Camry, now her chance will come.

The BN wants to put the entire controversy behind them really fast. They want to use the lull in fighting to regain all the support they lost in the next 3 years. In the next 3 years, UMNO Perak will use all the machinery of the Perak government to regain lost ground especially among the Non Muslim voters.

My UMNO source tells me that they will try to suspend 13 PR’s representative and that will give them the 2/3 majority necessary to redealinate the election boundaries. They will then create more Malay majority seats that even if all the non malys voted Pakatan, the UMNO/BN government will still be intact.

The next 3 yaers, they will go overly racists in their posture and aims to get 65% of the Malay votes which will translate into something like 30-35 seats easily. They want to prevent any form of resistance to their new illegal government by selling the Sultan as their selling point.

They will project their government as the government of the Sultan, not of the people. They will hope to change he minds of the Malay electorate that way. 

So, it’s important that we, the Pakatan Rakyat, prevents the Dewan Sitting on the 7th by any means necessary.”

Salam perubahan,

“It is an intellectual insanity when doing the same things over & over, but hoping for the different result”

NIZAM @ ahmadafzainizam.wordpress.com
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